Monday, September 19, 2005

Futurama is a futuristic cartoon that talks about extravagant situations with humour.Fry, a pizza develiveryman, has bad luck all day. He hates his work, and on the road to deliver pizza, his bike is stolen and other bad luck. Finally, he arrive in the adress for livraison, so nobody are in the laboratory, anybody are frozen in a tube. Its the New Year's Day and he decide eat pizza and drink coka. Once again, it falls from its chair and to find enformer in one of the tubes. It is now to freeze until year 3000! For Fry is a luck, he see the chance for change identity, girlfriend, his job, in short change is way of life. In this adventure, fry meets bender, a robot tordor having tedance has to steal all that it sees, Layla, a cyclops woman, person in charge and very charismatic and his little little little young cousin, an old professor who give a new job for fry ans his friend, deliveryboy in his spaceship! The story continuous, always under a as grotesque humour as the others episode.